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Our usual opening times are Monday to Saturday 9.30am-5pm and Sunday 11.45am-3.30pm. Our selection of specially sourced products include some lovely items produced by the fine people of Norfolk!

  • image-e6610f38f7b9a6164ac73992059feea0527bc125-6048x4024-jpg £ 9.00

    Sacred Choral Works CD

  • image-6269acfc1df8241e03f5be024c6b7cb43d10199b-5979x3978-jpg £ 5.00

    Spirit of Norwich Cathedral Book

  • image-53f01fd85ca0d6008c34d9dd2d63bf21ce4f317b-6012x4000-jpg £ 3.00

    Norwich Cathedral Fridge Magnet

  • image-8cb4355cb79df83cd3642e742d31b265f37114c8-5660x3766-jpg £ 5.00

    Set of 10 Norwich Cathedral Postcards

  • image-5f1076888481741053a3a59f4f40dc7f6e75eba1-6048x4024-jpg £ 9.00

    Evening Hymn Music of Light CD

  • image-d2ab03bc93ba917abf6337cf36b352d8fa23689f-5977x3977-jpg £ 13.00

    Green Man Decoration

  • image-f42bc64a077107d4adf14d8d6f9676ca7edb6765-7690x5127-jpg £ 10.00

    Budge the Cat Collection

  • image-c10049062d7b2fbc4352e3875e70de8423a57a14-5949x3958-jpg £ 10.00

    Norwich Cathedral Tea Towel

  • image-116a92e739142c5b1584f6c334a8b9fd35cf3684-6048x4024-jpg £ 13.00

    Norwich Cathedral Cross

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For those who can’t get in to see us during visitor opening hours, we offer a limited UK mail order service.

Our UK postage and packaging costs are:

Purchase up to £20: £4

Purchase £21-£50: £5

Purchase over £50: FREE

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