Rule of Life


Norwich Cathedral was also a Benedictine monastery for the first 450 years of its existence and, while there are no longer monks here, the ethos of this tradition is a continuing influence on Cathedral life. It can be identified across three key values; worship, learning and hospitality.

In the 6th century, Benedict of Nursia wrote his 'Rule for Monks', based on his own experience of fallible people striving to live out the gospel. This Rule proved to be so good and well balanced, that it became widely adopted as the model for western monasticism. In the present day, Benedict's Rule continues to be valued both in the church and beyond, with many present-day business leaders citing it as a source of inspiration.


At Norwich Cathedral, we encourage members of the Cathedral community to adopt a Rule of Life, shaped around the three core activities of the monastery - worship, learning and hospitality. A booklet explain more about this can be downloaded below.